Soft Skill Training Program

Developing employee’s soft skills is important for employee’s professional success as well as overall organizational success. The businesses that invest in soft skills training program for employees are the ones growing in revenue and leading their industries. Employee’s soft skills are imperative to the succeed in the workplace. As per a study “77% of employers now believe that soft skills are equally as important as “hard” or “technical” skills in the work environment.” Soft skills separate an average performer from a high performer.

One study from MIT Sloan found that a controlled, 12-month trial of soft skills training in five different factories yielded a 250% ROI in just eight months. The Stanford Research Institute International determined that 75% of long-term success in a job role depends on mastery of soft skills – only 25% of that job success comes from technical skills.

Check out our soft skill training programs and help your employees to improve their soft skills.

Communication Skills Training

Business communication Training (verbal /nonverbal)

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Customer Centricity Training

Customer Service Skills Training

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