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Conflict Management Training

A sought- after training program for managers, the Conflict Management Training, is designed for managers to recognize, confront, manage and resolve conflicts common among employees in the workplace.

Conflict resolution at the right time results in efficient managers motivating their teams to be open and creative and provide maximum performance.


Managing conflict at work has gained importance over the years with increase in number of employees, dynamic environment and competition.

This Conflict Resolution training for managers encourages them to identify conflicts, understand the conflict process and learn to apply styles of conflict resolution through practice of various techniques. Managers will be able to know their own conflict styles and that of other individuals to manage work and achieve results in a positive way.

  • Overcome assumptions when conflict arises through identification of causes and types of conflicts.
  • Be aware of their role in managing conflict to maximize individual and team’s performance.
  • Master the skills and techniques for conflict resolution.
  • Understand and manage other individual’s point of view to arrive at a win-win conclusion.
  • Be ready to handle conflicts leading to collaborate successfully with others to reach desired goals.
  • Recognize their own preferred style for influencing others, managing and resolving conflicts.
  • Display required conflict resolution styles in varied situations for smooth performance and desired outcomes.
  • What is conflict ?
    • Causes and types of conflict
    • How torecognized conflict ?
  • What is Croby’s 5 stages of conflict ?
    • Applications
  • 5 required skills for confilict resolution
  • Know my style of handling conflicts
    • Thomas Kilmann Questionnatire – assessment Interpetations of Thomas Kilmann Conflict mode instrument
  • Tips for a win-win negotiation
    • Practical secnarios for application of influencing, negotiating and resoliving conflicts
  • Takeaways from the session
    • Individual reflection and action planning for each partcipant for effective eonclusive actions.

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  • A printed workbook with relevant content covered in the classroom session plus additional case scenarios and exercises with relevant reading material for future reference along with the space for personal notes.
  • A self-assessment questionnaire of Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument for all participants with analysis of their own style of conflict resolution.
  • A short self-assessment for introspection on conflict management with score interpretation.
  • Many case scenarios for live role-plays and introspection exercises for practice in the classroom.
  • An optional pre and post assessment questionnaire with evaluation for all participants on Conflict Management.
  • An optional internal teaser/flyer/brochure for awareness of the Conflict Management training program in the respective client organization.
  • An optional pre-course reading or videos on Conflict Management topics.

Conflict Management Competency which includes skills as:

  • Communication skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Building trust
  • Influencing skills
  • Emotional Intelligence

The Conflict Management training program leads managers to inspire employees towards becoming an open, creative and result-oriented individual and team!

Why Conflict Management?

Today’s work environment is filled with people from different backgrounds. When people come from different backgrounds, they have different viewpoints and different ideas for solutions to challenges. They also have different definitions for right and wrong that are a result of their social conditioning. These differences are the reasons why conflicts arise in the first place. The only way to resolve conflicts then is to….


This involves an understanding of one’s own behaviour and everyone else’s too. That is why conflict management workshop is a need today.


Our ‘Conflict Management’ training program is delivered at your suitable business premises anywhere in India or abroad!

Training Dates:
Flexible as per Client needs and requirements.

In-house Training Locations:
We have professionally qualified trainers across PAN India which enables us to deliver anywhere in India for our clients.

Conflict at work is an everyday occurrence and a part of everyone’s lives. When people with different personality types and backgrounds come together, conflict is bound to arise.
Every office environment is witness to this but how we handle this as individuals and employees is what makes us stand out!

How can we do this for you?

As we said before, the only way to turn an environment into a conflict free zone is getting people to look at the bigger picture and accept differences. To help the participants make this change, we educate them on the following aspect with activities that help them integrate it in their life and work.

  • Acceptance: Get them to introduce each other so that they see the opposite person in a different light
  • Understand Conflict:Help them understand the different types of conflict that exist and the reason for their occurrence
  • Understand Behaviour: Behaviour patterns of their own and the people around that can cause conflict
  • Belief Systems: Understanding their own belief system and chief values that they subscribe too

We end the entire session by putting together all these aspects and helping the

What do you get as a result of this?

Employees who know how to put aside conflicts and the personal bias that arises because of it and work towards a common goal!

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