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We believe that an individual is only limited by his mind. If his thought and perspective can be broadened, then so can his performance. This broadening can only be achieved by opening his mind to the holistic impact it will have on his life! Challenging Horizons Pvt. Ltd. is built on this core foundation of creating a positive transformation in individuals to empower them with all the skills they need to reach their true potential & to perform to the best of their abilities. Simple, customisable, implementable, & high recall training solutions are our specialty.
We have assisted 200+ organization The result? MNC’s across Asia and Middle East build a team of performers instead of employees!
We facilitate a journey to new horizons by unleashing the greatest potential in every life & organization that we touch! We challenge horizons every day!


“Creating a positive transformation in individuals & organizations to enable them to reach their true potential for the benefit of the society at large”


To be a trusted partner and leading global provider of high-quality, innovative, class room & cloud-based learning and performance support resources. Enabling organizations to achieve competitive advantages through superior enterprise-wide knowledge and skills.


Risk – to take calculated risk and don’t shy in trying new things
Knowledge- to constantly upskills
Growth – to grow as an organization and people around you
Creativity – to bring fresh and new ideas
Wealth – to create wealth for organization and people around you
Passion – Driven by passion

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