Managing Stakeholders

An effective two-day training programme to strengthen strong relationships with stakeholders in order to achieve work goals in a win-win partnership.


Stakeholders might include anybody who has a direct or indirect interest in your company's success, such as your employees, colleagues, customers, and suppliers. The success or failure of a programme or the services offered can be influenced by the influence and strength of a stakeholder.

Stakeholder management is critical to achieving your objectives and succeeding in your career.

As a result, the focus of this programme is on how employees at various firms may effectively manage their stakeholders in order to achieve the desired goal.

  • Understand the role of stakeholders.
  • Communicate effectively with the stakeholders to fulfil their expectations.
  • Build and develop a unique relationship to constantly add value to their work or business.
  • Influence and work with stakeholders positively.

  • What does it mean to be a stakeholder?

  • Why is it important for us to know who our stakeholders are?

  • A stakeholder's role

  • Stakeholder mapping in three steps

  • Stakeholder Map — Using Power-interest Analysis Using the correct grid

  • Understanding and comprehending the communication styles of oneself and others

  • The TRUST Formula

  • Best Practises for Maintaining Stakeholder Connections Assess your ability to sustain stakeholder relationships!

  • Stakeholders can be challenging to deal with.

  • Stakeholder connections can be strengthened and maintained in eight different ways.

  • Identifying Influencing styles are used to effectively persuade others.

  • Persuasion techniques to help you convince effectively

  • Everything you need to know about negotiating, including tips, dos, and don'ts

  • Negotiation styles

  • Steps toward a win-win situation in negotiations

  • The session's takeaways

  • Each person is responsible for their own reflection and action planning.
  • A printed workbook with relevant content covered in the classroom session plus additional case scenarios and exercises with relevant reading material for future reference along with space for personal notes.

  • A self-assessment questionnaire of communication styles for all participants was developed, with score interpretation and analysis of different styles.

  • A self-assessment questionnaire to identify relationship skills with others with score interpretation.

  • An optional pre- and post-assessment questionnaire with evaluation for all participants on stakeholder management

  • An optional internal teaser/flyer for awareness of the Stakeholder Management training program in the respective client organization.
  • Collaboration Skills

  • Conflict Management Skills

  • Listening Skills

  • Influencing skills

A two-day Stakeholder Management training programme that is both practical and informative for successful stakeholder interactions!


Our "Stakeholder Management" training session can be offered at any location in India or overseas that is convenient for you!

Dates of Training are flexible, depending on the needs and requirements of the client.

In-house Training Locations: We have professionally qualified trainers all over India, allowing us to give training to our clients anywhere in the country.

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