Influencing Skills Training

Are you looking for more influencing techniques and styles to help you influence various people at various times and in various situations?

People can be swayed and will be swayed. All you have to do now is figure out what causes that influence. ” -Cialdini, Robert (Founder of the Six Principles of Influence)

We give an impactful and freeing two-day influence and persuasion training programme to win others with your way of thinking, based on the same beliefs and ideas.


All of these words, such as “influence at work,” “influencing skills,” “means to persuade others,” and “how to influence people,” focus on the single superpower of “influence.”

The secret ingredient for that “influence” is this Influencing Skills class, which increases your capacity to get things done your way and guide others to the best options for win-win outcomes.

This Influential Leadership programme is designed to help managers and leaders convince, speak with diplomacy and tact, and successfully negotiate with customers, employees, or others.

  • Overcome assumptions when conflict arises through identification of causes and types of conflicts.
  • Be aware of their role in managing conflict to maximize individual and team’s performance.
  • Master the skills and techniques for conflict resolution.
  • Understand and manage other individual’s point of view to arrive at a win-win conclusion.
  • Be ready to handle conflicts leading to collaborate successfully with others to reach desired goals.
  • Recognize their own preferred style for influencing others, managing and resolving conflicts.
  • Display required conflict resolution styles in varied situations for smooth performance and desired outcomes.
    • Introduction: Persuasion and persuasion skills
    • What are the benefits of influencing and persuading others?
    • The Art of Persuasion: Cialdini’s Six Principles of Persuasion Learn how to use Cialdini’s principles in real-life situations. Persuasion methods only communicate to persuade. Techniques for establishing rapport in order to have a pleasant conversation
    • Use the three appeals (ethos, logos, and pathos) to persuade. Storytelling and persuasive presentations have a lot of power.
    • What is the best way to manage the circle of influence?
    • What kind of negotiator am I?
    • Flexing my social styles is a skill I’m learning. Steps to a win-win situation in talks
    • Batna and Zopa: Negotiating in the Real World
    • Learn everything there is to know about influencing personalities and styles.

    What is my personal style? To recognise your style, you must first understand influential styles. By exercising your style and recognising the style of others, you may be the influence

    The session’s takeaways

    Individual contemplation and action planning for each participant, as well as group discussion for effective final activities, are guided by the facilitator.

    Today, make a request for a thorough course outline!

  • A printed workbook containing important content from the classroom session, as well as supplementary case scenarios and exercises, as well as appropriate reading material for future reference and personal notes.
  • All participants were given a self-assessment questionnaire called “Negotiators—Social Styles,” which included an examination of their personal negotiating style.
  • Several case situations for live role-playing and introspective activities for classroom practice.
  • All participants may complete an optional pre- and post-assessment questionnaire on influence and persuasion skills.
  • Internal teaser/flyer/brochure that can be used to raise awareness of the influence and persuasion training programme within the client organisation.
  • Influencing, persuasion, and negotiation subjects are covered in an optional pre-course reading or film.
  • Persuasion abilities
  • Skills in negotiating and
  • Skills in persuasion,
  • Effective communication

Through the 2 days of the Influencing Skills training programme, you may upgrade your world of influence, persuasion, and negotiation to achieve a new level of striking performance!


Our ‘Influencing skills’ training session can be offered at your preferred location in India or abroad!

Dates of training are flexible, depending on the needs and requirements of the client.

In-house Training Locations: : We have professionally qualified trainers all over India, allowing us to give training to our clients anywhere in the country.

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