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Every aspect in our life is communication driven. Whether it is something as regular as negotiating on vegetable prices, time spent with family, or every interaction that happens in the office space. Communication is not words spoken, but it is words understood, accepted and acknowledged by the receiver. This acknowledgement is what is considered effective communication skills.

Workshop to improve Communication Skills

Why Communication Skills?

Whether an employee is simply sending out a simple update mail on a task informing his team and manager on the progress or making a presentation on planning or strategy, effectively getting across the message is the measure of successful communication.

Everyone can communicate at different levels but effective communication skills result in great work. That is why you need to


That is what you gain from an effective communication skills program!

How can we do this for you?

Effective communication skills is a result of

  • Understanding the Basics: In this, the participant learns about body language and gesture reading, effective listening and reading, probing questions and taking notes

  • Exchanging Information: In this, the participants learn about to initiate contact, greet, passing on information, telephone etiquette, writing letters and mails effectively along with using information technology

  • Acquiring More Skills: In this, the participants will learn to apply the skills they acquired in the sessions before to engage in one on one communication, creating and presentation strategies and reports, briefing, negotiating effectively, reaching and engaging with an audience and finally about making a visual impact

  • Communicating for Results: In this, the participants take all the learnings from the previous sections and apply to generate impact and results. This includes an understanding of using language for advertising and PR by creating an identity

What do you get from this?

Employees who know how to make an impact with the right communication style!

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