Street Smart Sellers

Have you ever seen a child convince his parents that he needs a chocolate right away? Kids are quick witted and know all of his parents little ticks. They know exactly what to say and do, to get what they wants. Basically, kids are smart!

Fast forward 20 years and put the same kid on a sales call. But somehow he or she is struggling to make a sale. What happened to that boy or girl wonder who could pretty much get anything he wants? They got educated.

That is why the Street Smart Sellers Program is oriented towards bringing back the wits and combining it with the education!

Why Street Smart Seller?

Because as adults, we have forgotten the basic art of selling. The theory from their textbooks has replaced the smarts.

What makes a good salesperson? The combination of street smarts, quick thinking, art of listening, ability to create and deliver value to the customers. If your sales person can do that, then you have got street smart seller in hand! DO NOT let him go. What you really need as an organization however is a team of salespeople who can do just that!

That is why you need the Street Smart Seller Program!

How can we do this for you?

The aim of the Street Smart Seller Program is to bring back the quick, effective and intelligent selling tactics that one had as a child. The program covers,
  • Art of listening
  • Sales process and the BIG rule
  • Understanding the SPANCO rule
  • Lead generation and analysis
  • Sales funnel
  • Converting a suspect to a prospect
  • Creating value
  • Creating a pitch based on value
  • Creating opportunities
  • Objection handling
Your salespeople may not have been born to be in sales. But by the end of the program, they will definitely meant to be in sales!
The end result? You see a progressive increase in the contribution of the sales team to the bottom line of your organization!

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