Direct Sales Training

Selling has changed dramatically in the last few years, from a rapid, impersonal process to a slow, people-intensive process.

The heart of the Channel sale today is contained in the quality of relationships that you form with your Channel partner & End customer.

The very best and most successful salespeople are those who are the most capable of entering into and maintaining the highest-quality relationships with people who can buy from them

Learning Objective:

  • Learn and understand complete know how on consultative & conceptual selling approach.
  • Standardization on sales process.
  • Understand importance of relationship building with customers.
  • Independently close sales.

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Sales has changed. It is no longer just about sales. Customer’s are more informed and educated. They have higher expectations. Meeting customer expectations, therefore, now demands a lot more than just selling a product or a service.

Why Sales Paradigm?


Sales is no longer about selling. It is about helping the buyer buy. The buying process plays a crucial role along with the buyer’s mentality. There has been a paradigm shift in how sales happens. That is what the sales paradigm workshop addresses.

How can we do this for you?

This paradigm shift can only be met if the change in the process involves both the sales and the support function. We facilitate this change through the following interventions.

  • Adjusting the mind set
  • Understanding how to build value
  • Explaining the change in the process of sales
  • Pond analogy
  • Taking them through all the concepts of sales management and it’s importance Finally, all of these learnings are put together to help them build a strong sales technique.
  • Building awareness and acceptance especially about the insanities of assumption and code of collaboration along with other essential learning concepts. Finally all these topics are put together to help them understand its importance in the buying process and how it adds to the sales paradigm on the whole.

What will you get from this?

A unit of employees who work together to meet and surpass customer expectations contributing to the bottom line of the organization.

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