What is the opposite of leadership? That’s easy! It’s the act of following or being driven by certain external or internal forces. So, when I follow my heart, definitely a very strong internal force, am I being a leader or a follower?

Well, that’s a dichotomy that is rarely questioned. But it exists nonetheless…

They say “If it feels right, do it!”. But in the search to do right as per expectations, somewhere, sometime, I lost that intuitive child-like part of myself. That part that allowed me to be led by my joys and true desires. The part that forced me to live in the moment. That was my innate inner child who was hushed, increasingly more often, as I began to aspire for power, order and of course, leadership.

The Silence of The Inner Child

I believe that the repercussions of a silenced inner child are more than what we may imagine and far worse. Not tapping into the flexible, energetic side of me, made me weary and lethargic before time. The day-to-day stress of taking charge, running an enterprise, economic swings, adult relationships, can squeeze out every bit of enthusiasm you have left inside of you.

You can’t control all that happens to you, but you do have a choice about how you react to it. Prolonged stress never helped any situation and who knows that better than a child? In fact, I realized that weighing myself down with the stress of a situation often lead to the inability to find a solution.
If there’s one thing that is essential for a leader, then it has to be unlimited energy. Just like a bubbly child. Naturally, children do possess enviable advantages of a younger body and zero responsibilities. I’m not insinuating from any angle, that we need that crazy kind of energy! Mainly just the relentless curiosity and drive to do more, grasp more and stay in an elevated mood all the way through it. And that …is quite possible.
I know exactly when my inner child is buried or dormant and you should too. Emotional states of worry, anger, guilt, or grief that drag on for so long that they become a part of my mindset are my biggest indications. Children don’t hold on to grudges like we do. It’s an outstanding skill that most adults battle with.
So, how can you connect with the deep child-like part without behaving irresponsible and unreasonable? Here are some ideas that I would like to share with you:

Pick a creative Outlet

Children are not the only ones who revel in creating. It’s a need in all of us. We grow to direct it in our work and business but I learned that unless I’m having fun, it’s not the same. So, I found a hobby that I take time out for once a week. You may choose any creative pursuit like a game, art, music or woodwork that fills your mind. It will instantly bring out the lighter side of you. And for those few hours a month, you will be relieved of adult matters.

Connect with Nature

I love to take a walk in a forest, go to a beach or climb a mountain just to experience the innocence that nature draws from me. Nature takes me back to my primal element, away from technological distractions. It also humbles me and it leaves me fascinated! These are emotional frequencies that trigger joy and vulnerability.

Keep learning something new

A fresh topic or activity always brings me down to basics. It’s like I’m a blank slate, ready to be drawn on. I prefer to find new activities which are out of my comfort zone so I have few preconceived notions about it. Learning improves my problem-solving abilities and helps to see things from a variety of perspectives.

Laugh like a child

Be on the lookout for new reasons or create ways to bring unlimited joy and laughter in your life and that of the others. Laughter clears all filters and makes you pure, as a child. It is the best de-stressing agent I know, apart from a good night’s sleep.

On this occasion of Children’s Day, awaken once again the inner child in you and nurture it with something you truly love to do.

Never stop having fun even at work! Keep your inner child alive, always!  Happy Children’s Day!

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