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Attend Brian Tracy's Flagship
The Psychology of Peak Performance & Excellence

Is This Webinar For You?

  • Do you ever feel like the life you truly want is just out of your reach?
  • Do you feel that you are destined for more?
  • Do you really want to unleash your true hidden potential?

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Here's What You Will Learn From The Webinar:

  1. How to set goals for ultimate success? Important to follow through with an action plan after goal setting.
  2. Discussion on planning and a whole lot of hard work to realize your dreams for a successful career
  3. Mindset to keep reminding that you are capable of achieving the goals you set.
  4. Find out if what you are doing is moving you towards your goals or it’s moving you away from your goals?

and much more to support performance excellence basis on the proven methodology discovered by the world legend BRIAN TRACY to augment your efforts in the right and best way possible. So Don’t miss this golden opportunity and register for the free webinar Now!!

Watch Living Legend Brian Tracy's Testimonial for Dr. Anshul Dhingra

Ranked as "One of the most impactful programs ever created on personal and professional success in the world"

What our customers are saying about our latest workshop

Copy (1) of Manjiri

Manjiri Joshi

Sciformix Technology

“It is a very impressive program. Not only the content of the program, the way it was delivered was also very persuasive. Trainer is very effective, he not only delivers the program in the nicest possible way but by reiterating what has been taught, learnings retention is 100%. Feeling lucky to participate in such a propitious program.”

Waheed Albalushi new

Waheed AlBalushi

Corporate Coach & Trainer

“Anshul is a great, dynamic and powerful speaker and trainer, he can make the audience attracted to him all the way till the end without noticing the time or getting bored. He grasps the knowledge of what he delivers in a manner of simplicity with practical and live examples to get the idea through. I highly recommend Anshul as a trainer, coach and speaker and believe me he knows what he is doing and he is an expert in what he delivers. “

Copy (1) of Subhada


Amar Builders and developers

“I came here along with other HR heads. The training session was wonderful and trainer Dr. Dhingra is very effective. I would like to thanks Dr. Dhingra and Brian Tracy for such an effective and life-changing training module. I have learned a lot from this program and will recommend the program for growth-seeking professionals.”

Here are the glimpses of our latest "Perform At your Best" Program conducted at Chennai

Who All Should Attend This Webinar?

Working Professionals (Managers, Senior Managers, GM, Directors and Vice Presidents), Freelancers, Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Hurry Up!!! Don't miss this excellent opportunity and register today for the free webinar.
Date - November 23rd, 2019, Saturday
Time - 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM
Investment - Nill
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