Getting results is a SUPREME goal of any business and business leaders.

In Crisis it is a super critical survival skill.

Which is why, experts say: the #1 skill in today’s business environment is...


leadership in crisis quote

A sales leader needs it to create a highly profitable sales function.

A production leader needs it to run manufacturing at high-level of quality and output.

A finance professional role is to optimized budget and managing cash flows.

A business owner needs it make profits and build business.

A CEO needs for the overall success of a business entity.

All these roles have one common skills, i.e. “Leadership” and in today’s scenarios Leadership in crisis becomes the most critical skills which a leader need to possess.


Are you tired of running after people, to get work done?

  • Do you want secrets discovered from over 15 years of practice?
  • Do you want to know how to constantly inspire others?
  • Do you know how to stay motivated in the most difficult situations?
  • Do you want to build trust, in a few simple steps?
  • Do you want to be a powerful communicator, without many years of work?
  • In an hour’s practice a day – would you like to be come a role model?

Come join us and Master 24 Critical Leadership & Business Result Frameworks – in just 6 Simple Daily Steps discovered from over 19,000 hours of Leadership Development Work.

In these programs, we deeply address questions like:

  • What does it take to Lead an Organization in times of Crisis?
  • What will help everyone in the Organization stay focused & do their part well?
  • How do I ensure that I am calm, fair, and inclusive?
  • How do I turn an untrained virtual worker into a driver of collective success?
  • How do I manage my anxiety?
  • How do I keep myself and my team stress-free?
  • How do I keep the organization motivated and working to manage the post-crisis world?

Learn the #1 Leadership Skill: Leadership in Crisis

This is a Critical Survival skill for every Organizational, Business or Team Leader. In a VUCA World, there are hardly any other skills as valuable as Leadership in Crisis. It is a response system, that has to be learnt and mastered.

The rapid global spread of COVID-19 has not only disrupted millions of lives, but it has also caused significant and far-reaching economic damages. We have found even the most experienced of Senior and Mid-level leaders struggling with above questions.

At Challenging Horizon, we have a curated 6 critical leadership skills which a Leader needs to Learn and understand how to build a response system to address these questions.

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What will you learn?

All six modules are covered through live web based sessions.

Session – 1 Secrets to Succeed as a Leader in Virtual Organizations
You will Learn
  • How today’s organization, cannot be led by the Old Leadership Practices.
  • How to become self-aware and choose the strengths to apply.
  • Critical success factors to apply.
  • Critical mistakes to avoid.
  • Key Culture building habits.

How to implement our powerful Tool 1©: Learn Leadership – to manage in crisis

Session 2 – Secrets to permanently Inspiring communication
You will Learn
  • How, what a leader is saying makes or breaks outcomes
  • How the brain functions while receiving communication
  • Steps to make an impact while talking to people
  • Cautions to manage your communication, while you learn to communicate better
  • A rapid intro to story telling

How to implement our powerful Tool 2©: Inspiring Communication – choosing if and what to say

Session 3: Secrets to build trust in a few interactions
You will Learn
  • The actions of a leader that can makes or breaks morale and relationships
  • The practices of an organization that are anti-trust
  • Critical success factors to come through as Trustworthy
  • Critical mistakes that lead to you mistrusting others
  • Key Culture building habits

How to implement our powerful Tool 3©: Trust Ladder, making people move up the trust value chain

Session 4 - Secrets art of getting results with Speed and Focus
You will Learn
  • The true meaning of agility
  • How to prepare your Thoughts, feelings, attitude, behaviour and habits for Agility
  • How to use RLQ©, RLE©, RLM© - our proprietary method for unleashing power of rapid with questions, experiments & mistakes
  • How to manage anxiety while moving in an agile fashion
  • Key Culture building habits

How to implement our powerful Tool 4©: Agility Ladder, making people move up the agility value chain

Session 5 - Secret art of being an Inspiring role model
You will Learn
  • The power of CARE in establishing credibility
  • How to be hands-on–but not get overloaded
  • How to be hands-off – but not loose quality of outcomes
  • The difference between Art and Science of role Modelling
  • How to find and replace a role model who is harming the organization

How to implement our powerful Tool 5©: Leading the marathon – pacesetting with care, DBR plus

Session 6: Secret art of Collaboration and group success
You will Learn
  • The power of CARE for building winning partnerships
  • How to be hands-on – but not get overloaded in collaboration
  • How to be hands-off – and be responsible at the same time
  • Know what a lasting partnership is, and doing what matters
  • Stopping what is destroying partnerships, and are fake partnerships

How to implement our powerful Tool 6©: partner like never before

These sessions, distilled from our rich Leadership Development Curriculum provide in-depth insights, tools and techniques to lead and manage in this crisis and beyond.

Everything that an individual will learn with us, will further make him an agile leader for all times ahead


Sai Kumar Chandran

Our Senior Partner, Strategy & Leadership Consulting

Strategy & Leadership Consulting

As a Business Leader Sai has worked across 24 Countries and 46 nationalities. He has represented and lead Global Teams across complex structures, geographies and scale. He has turned around Services Lines, Business Practices, Manufacturing Units and overall Businesses.

He has been recognized as a Change Leader, a Problem Solver and an Evangelist of Personal & Professional Excellence, with 22+ years of multi-industry experience. Sai is passionate about strategy & its execution, sustainability & effectiveness of performance, simplification, excellence in people practices and use of technology.

Sai’s qualification
Since You are reading this page, we know that you are an action taker.
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