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The True Meaning of Learning Transfer

Is learning transfer merely the transfer of knowledge from the trainer to the participant? Or is there more to it? Think about it, would moving knowledge from one person or medium to another person create business value? In that case, what exactly is learning transfer?

Meaning of Learning Transfer
Learning transfer is a process that involves the use of learning to improve performance. Therefore, learning transfer is successful only if it is applied in a way that boosts productivity and impacts the business outcome.

How to Measure Learning Transfer?
A straightforward way to measure learning transfer is to calculate the percentage of participants who achieve a substantial level of improvement after attending the training program. For example, if 4 out of 5 employees achieved the objectives defined in a particular training program and started applying those skills on the job, then learning transfer can be calculated as 80%. It is vital to understand that no matter how great the training program is, if the learning transfer is low then the ROI on training will be poor.

Why Learning Transfer is Usually Low?
The problem with most training and development initiatives is that even though the program might impart great knowledge, the weight of old habits and resistance to change causes participants to lose momentum and fall prey to their old schedule in no time. Therefore, companies must create a solution for this ‘relapse’ phase. In order to overcome this stage, companies must work with their training partner and device a mechanism that helps participants to stay motivated and not lose momentum.

We at Challenging Horizons, work closely with companies to handle this delicate ‘relapse’ phase. We ensure that even after the training program the participants work diligently towards embracing the new skills. We do so through specific practices that we’ve developed over time. These have yielded success for several companies. We have an ROI-driven approach to training and guarantee learning transfer and the achievement of business objectives.