The Brain Dynamics- Workplace Psychology

We look at workplace behaviour rather too objectively. We expect people to behave “professionally” in a work environment, however, we forget that since each individual’s brain functions differently, they will respond differently to the set guidelines. So in that case, how is it possible to achieve a common objective when the level of diversity in your team is high? Well, it’s simple, you categorise them in groups using a psychometric test and then use a different approach to handle each of the groups.

First let’s understand the concept of workplace psychology. It simply refers to the practice of applying psychological principles and practices to a work environment. The goal is to identify and solve problems, increase employee satisfaction, and improve workplace dynamics.

Inculcating Workplace Psychology
Ever wondered why two people respond to the same situation differently? Why decision making can be easy for one and mind boggling for another? Why two people coming from the same strata of society look at things differently? For a long time people have believed that we are who we are because of our upbringing, education and the kind of social background we come from. While that does have an impact on us and can be considered true, these factors are not completely responsible for the way we are. For example, let’s consider the case of two managers. Both work in the same organisation and are trained by the same boss, both have received a similar level of education and both are from similar social background. Yet they are poles apart when it comes to decision making. While one takes quick action, the other is sceptical and needs more information.

Arthur Carmazzi, founder of Directive Communication Organisation, denotes these differences in human beings to the genetic processing of their brain which he refers to as the coloured brain communication psychology. According to his theory, following are the general descriptions of the 4 different brain colours and people process information depending on these.

How can this Help at the Workplace?
By understanding the basic patterns in which people around us see the world we can avoid conflict and time wastage. Awareness of these brain communication processes, makes us more efficient in dealing with people. After all, isn’t that the biggest resource an organisation has? By understanding a person’s brain colour, one can acquire the knowledge of dealing and communicating with them. We are all genetically created to process information in a specific way, and very often we are forced to get accustomed to systems designed for other brain processors. This causes us to be less efficient and in a mental state of unrest. For example, a green brain is an impulsive decision maker while a red brain needs adequate information before signing up for something. Imagine what happens when a red brain is expected to make an on the spot information? In other words, by not understanding their brain processor, we are making people go against their nature, which will only lead to low levels of performance.

Using CBCI as a Solution
The Coloured Brain Communication Inventory is the psychometric profiling component of the coloured brain. During the test, the colour that receives the highest score is your foundation communication characteristic. Scores in other boxes, are indicative of your brains flexibility in other areas.

Be it in personal relationships or organisations, understanding a person’s brain colour will help you understand each other. For example, people with the same brain colour will surely be able to communicate better but might not necessarily compliment one and another. On the hand, people with contrasting brain colours will be more in sync with each other but the communication might require effort. Understanding each other’s brain colour will help maintain better balance in both personal and professional relationships.

CBCI Key Features of Relevance to the Work Environment

  • A practical tool to improve cooperation and lower conflict.
  • An essential component to become more effective and increase overall productivity.
  • Allows you to gain greater effectiveness in working with and influencing others.
  • Provides a platform to empower individuals to bring out the best in themselves and their colleagues.
  • Ensures a better awareness of your work environment.
  • It’s not a personality test but a communication and processing indicator that can immediately optimize the contribution of your talent resources.
  • Cultivates speedy resolutions and prevents conflict.

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