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Presentation Skills Training

Effective Presentation Skills Training to present with technique to impact and influence.

A practical one-day and two days intensive corporate presentation skills training program for those who want to present and share data, information or ideas to an audience, be it small, big or just one important person to achieve a specific result.

Also available as half a day program as a fast track presentation and public speaking course.


  • Employees in this fast-moving corporate world need to express their ideas, products or services to internal and external customers to achieve the required results in as little time as possible.
  • Hence it is important to influence others and create an ever-lasting impression on the audience through effective presentation skills.
  • Through strong presentations and impactful public speaking, information that is presented can become interesting and lively to achieve the required results.
  • Effective Presentation Skills will also help to represent a strong Company image to the external stakeholders.
  • Deliver a presentation performance to win over a large audience through effective planning.
  • Help their reputation stand out by building trust and credibility with the audience
  • Have the confidence to captivate the audience
  • Bring their presentation to life through impactful communication techniques
  • Be ready for challenges of handling questions

The importance of Presentations

What is 4 P model of a presentation
Understand and how to use it

How to plan a presentation effectively
5 Question model to plan a presentation

How to create a formal power point presentation
Tips and tricks while designing a presentation

Communicating through desired body language, words and tone
How to engage the audience during presentations

Dealing with fear and anxiety
Managing challenging audiences
Handling difficult questions
Tips become an effective presenter

Takeaways from the session
Individual reflection and action planning for each participant guidance from the facilitator along with group discussion for effective conclusive actions.

  • A printed workbook with relevant content covered in the classroom session plus additional case scenarios or exercises for future reference along with space for personal notes.
  • A pre and post assessment of the presentation will be conducted and video-recorded for each participant for evaluating their presentation skills.
  • An optional internal teaser/flyer for awareness of the presentation skills training program in the respective client organization.
  • An optional pre-course reading or videos on effective presentation skills
  • Communicating effectively
  • Building self- confidence
  • Influencing others

A comprehensive 2 Days program to transform presentation performance!


Our ‘Effective Presentation Skills’ training program is delivered at your suitable business premises anywhere in India or abroad!

Training Dates:
Flexible as per Client needs and requirements.

In-house Training Locations:
We have professionally qualified trainers across PAN India which enables us to deliver anywhere in India for our clients.

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