Why is it that an employee with all the right skill sets also fails to deliver excellence at times?

It isn’t what he can physically do that makes a difference. It is his emotional drive that makes the difference. That is why we focus on changing an employee’s take on work and life! That is how we make a difference.


It is not just what an individual is learning but it is also how he is learning it that makes a difference.

That is why we believe the 6E Model is the most effective method to delivering training programs which has high recall and is highly implementable.

The First ‘E’: Environment
Creating an environment where learning is made easy.

The first step towards ensuring the success of a training problem is creating an environment of trust and positivity. This environment is one where mistakes and questions are encouraged, because of which effective understanding and learning precipitates.

Our belief? There is no such thing as a stupid question.

The Second ‘E’: Educate
Information is useful only when it can be applied in real time. That is why we focus on delivering focused information. Through a process called the ‘Field Validation Study’ we first gauge the gaps that are present in the learning. This is the followed by creation of information to address these precise gaps. This information is then delivered through innovative and engaging techniques like case studies, group discussions, role plays and more activities based on the learning that is needed.

The Third ‘E’: Experience
During the delivery of our focused information created just for your organization, we create an environment where your employees feel the need to learn, grow, change and contribute to their own elevation thereby, contributing to the growth of the organization. We create in them a need to be better in what they do and live a better life!

The Fourth ‘E’: Experiment
During this stage of intervention, we encourage the participants to experiment with their learning. They are allowed to apply their learning in a safe environment and at the same time understand that the success of the organization is also their success. In this stage, we help them build a sense that they and the organization are not two separate entities but an extension of each other.

The Fifth ‘E’: Evaluate
During this stage of the intervention, we put the participating employees through a process of evaluation that is completely non threatening. This stage is to understand how far the participating employees have integrated the learning of their training in their daily lives and schedules. In the case of the participants that need more assistance depending on your guidelines we work around that too.

The Sixth ‘E’: Elevate
During this stage of intervention, we encourage these employees to help their colleagues also adopt the same learning and eventually contribute to improving the performance of the organization on the whole.

After all change needs to begin from one individual to become the norm eventually!