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Planning and Prioritizing Training

When we are at work, we all feel we are ‘busy’; but good companies and organizations make certain their employees are busy ‘doing the right things efficiently and effectively’ – i.e. ‘doing the right things, right’. This two-day course is the ideal way to learn and practice the skills of good planning. The course helps delegates understand the key elements of planning and organizing – and show how they can be readily applied to the delegates’ work environment. It will help people interested in clearly identifying and prioritizing the tasks and activities needed to achieve both business and personal goals.


  1. To understand the principles and importance of correct planning
  2. To have a clear understanding of the essential ingredients of planning
  3. To learn the importance of setting and prioritizing goals and objectives
  4. To organize and adapt plans for successful implementation
  5. To understand and use planning tools e.g. Gantt Charts, etc.
  6. To understand and practice the principles of prioritizing work effectively
  7. Making effective decisions for successful planning and organizing
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How do you make sure that you get every task done in a day? Whether it is bringing a balance between your work and personal life or it is ensuring that you meet all set goals at work, planning is the key. But are your plans leading you in the right direction?

Why Planning and Prioritizing?

Because every employee needs to be able to understand the importance of each task assigned to him to ensure that he is productive at all times. But for this, the need of the hour is for the employee to have the right understanding. Only then can he focus on…..


That understanding is what the planning and prioritizing workshop develops in them.

How can we do this for you?

We shall help your employees develop an understanding of,

  • Planning and organizing
  • Ingredients of planning and organizing
  • Goal setting and objectives
  • Time management
  • Organizing better
  • Need specific planning and organizing

This enables them build a timeline for their tasks and deliver results without making the work seem too daunting.

What do you get as a result of this?

Employees who know and understand the priorities of the organization and their priorities in turn, enabling them to be more productive in the same time!

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