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How is an Aquarium like Organizational Culture?

The ecosystem of an aquarium is what I am referring to. Organizational Culture is an ecosystem. An organizational culture, just like an aquarium, must be consistently kept up on a daily basis.

How to Keep Your Organization Healthy & Happy?

1. Acclimate your fish.
Culture is fragile. We must strike a delicate balance so that we can get the correct people for the job at hand. Also we should test our organization if the teams which are being formed are on the right track. The greater the differences, the longer you need to acclimate your fish. Thus some might have to adjust in the long run, while some might be an instant fit. Make a conscious attempt to identify individuals whose values are consistent with your organization during the recruitment process. Spend a fair bit of time asking the potential hire about motivation, past behavior, and specifically what type of culture they are seeking in their next role.

2. Room to roam.
Overcrowding can lead to low oxygen levels in the water. Similarly, frequent policy changes and a list of compliance’s may cause the confusion for the once who are implementing the changes on ground. So once the implementation starts we must give sufficient time between policy changes.

3. Condition the water.
Invest in enriching and maintaining your organizational culture is paramount. A company culture is ever evolving. As your business grows you will discover new business objectives and strategic initiatives you wish to implement. It is critical to invest in developing and enhancing your culture over time.

4. Maintain a clean aquarium.
Does your organization have an easy-to-articulate vision? A vision of collectively what you are trying to accomplish. What sorts of behaviors, attitudes, approaches are (and are not) valued by your organization should be know to all. This facilitates in bringing about a culture which is conducive to all.

5. What’s the feed?
Feeding the aquarium is equally important as feeding the corporate culture. What do you feed it? Are you feeding it negativity? Are you feeding it why things are going wrong? Or are you feeding it the potential, the purpose, the end result of what everyone in the organization is being valued for? Are you showing the value of the people within the organization? Are you feeding it with consistent, positive, progress, instead of looking at what everybody’s doing wrong. Why people are not being valued? How you’re feeding your organizational culture is basically going to affect how it is sustainable.

Developing a successful cultural direction for your organization may seem like one of a thousand tasks to complete as a new CEO. Nevertheless, it is one of the most important ongoing responsibilities for any business leader, as the vast majority of successful companies have dynamic cultures. These cultures are often the result of long, careful thought and analysis. They are intended to answer questions like, “What central values are important to our company? How do we share them with our team? How will our cultural values impact our day-to-day operations?”

Your responses to the pointers above will shape how culture evolves over time. Either you can shape your own culture or it will inevitably shape itself. So the million dollar question is how can you ensure you create and maintain a company culture that will attract and retain the types of individuals your business needs?

HR managers and Leaders often talk about “Mindset Change”. While adjustments in perception take place regularly, and some types of Experiential Training can Direct and accelerate the process, “Mindset Change” is seldom a reality that lasts. Our flagship program on Culture Change program works with what Your People Already Have and develops awareness of how to get more of what THEY want.

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