About the Client

Our client is an Italian manufacturer of chocolate and confectionery products. It is the world’s third largest chocolate producer and confectionery company. Present in 55 countries, their products are sold, directly or through authorized retailers in over170 countries.
Their widespread and continuously increasing presence attests the quality of their products. Their ability to readjust and respond promptly to the needs of diverse markets sets them apart from their competitors.

Why They Wanted to Conduct Training?

Our client wanted to achieve operational excellence by aligning the team with their business objective. This level of efficiency typically occurs when team members know their roles, understand the project objectives, communicate effectively and solve problems innovatively. Even though our client had a great team, they were unable to create a core team spirit amongst them. They wanted each member of their team to appreciate diversity, value the contributions of others, manage time effectively and resolve conflict, thereby enabling high levels of productivity.

Client’s Objective

Their primary objective was to leverage on their core values revolving around these three aspects. They wanted to improve the efficiency of their team by increasing their level of motivation. They wanted to empower their people and establish a strong sense of team work. Their motive was to improve the work environment by encouraging learning and development of new practices, thereby significantly raising their potential.

Solution Provided by Challenging Horizon

Since operational excellence is primarily about execution, we designed a training program that revolved around specific activities that would promote behavioural change. We conducted the activities mentioned below for this purpose.

Activity 1 – Treasury Hunt- Understanding Perceptions
During this activity the facilitator focused on making the team realize that we all look at every aspect of our personal & professional life based on our experiences. However, when intending to work together with people, we need to put aside our judgement of them and learn & understand them while continuously encourage them to be vocal and honest about how and what they feel. This activity was created to make participants understand how perceptions and assumptions create differences at the workplace and how we can eliminate them and strive for higher levels of productivity.

Activity 2: Color Brain Communication Inventory: Psychometric Tool
The objective of this psychometric activity was to understand how each one of us processes information around us, how can we learn each other’s language to create a common language and move forward towards the company’s goals of quality and precision. This activity also reveals the natural communication pattern each person has built up. If we understand this pattern, it is easy to create tolerance while working in teams. Even realigning our actions to achieve the targeted objectives becomes much simpler.

Activity 3: Article Chain- Focus on meeting goals
This activity focused on making the participants understand how RAS (Reticular Activating System) leads to success or failure of any concept and how to develop it for great results.
This activity aimed at teaching them to focus on objectives and processes and use our resources to optimum levels, thereby achieving the desired results.

Activity 4: Key Punch: No Blame Game:
Through this activity we aimed at making participants recognize how blame game leads the disintegration of a team. It also focused on identifying the various behaviours that we subconsciously display which harm the cohesiveness of the team.
This activity was to make participants understand that every action in the plant has a forward and backward integration. It is aimed at teaching the participants on how to create an ecosystem that allows everyone to constantly focus on the big picture rather than only on their own roles and departments.

Outcome of the Training Program

    Through the activities conducted during the training program, the participants were able to realize their shortcomings and focus their abilities towards creating better collaboration amongst each other. Other benefits of the training program included:

  • An increased sense of accountability amongst participants
  • Enhanced team spirit
  • Identifying improvement areas and planning effectively to work towards them
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