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About the Client

Established in 1981, our client is the 12th largest pharmaceutical company in India. Their products are currently shipped to over 70 countries across the globe. Their primary work involves developing and manufacturing a wide spectrum of pharmaceutical products in-house. They also market these products across the globe through their diverse network of multi-national pharmaceutical companies. They have successfully established their presence in several countries by creating local alliances with local and multi-national companies that are leaders in their therapeutic area of expertise. Our client has subsidiaries in Brazil, Dubai, Singapore, Nigeria and South Africa and branch offices in Russia and Morocco.

Why Did They Need Training?

The evolution of procurement as a function has led to a change in the expectations from procurement teams. The need for premium and timely sourcing services and lowering costs is now higher than ever. Our client therefore wanted to enhance the skills of their procurement team by aligning the procurement activity to the business objectives, so as to allow better collaboration and enable the team to understand the importance of their role.

To ensure this, our client wanted a training program that offered deep insights on the following:

  • Basic skillset for Purchasing Manager
  • Preparation for negotiation
  • Cost decomposition
  • Supplier relationship management.

Solution Provided by Challenging Horizon’s

Our program focused on providing skills that helped in procurement management, thereby enabling the organization to save costs and remain competitive in the marketplace. The program was based on an in-depth understanding of concepts and real life applications. Through this we aimed at boosting the efficiency of all the participants and empower them to deliver high value, which in turn would increase the organization’s profitability.

In order to achieve the client’s objective, we created a 2-day program that focused on the following:
1. Understanding procurement as reverse selling
2. Creating a basic awareness of the sales process and shed light on the buyer/seller behavioral patterns
3. Focusing on the process of material sourcing
4. Explaining quality, quantity and price and the trade-off between them
5. Understanding the costs of procurement through different mathematical models.
6. Learning basic negotiation skills
7. A detailed look into the use of negotiation practices and how to use them
8. Understanding the legal and commercial issues in procurement contracts
9. Creating an action plan to use learnings in day-to-day life

Transformation Post-Training

Through the above-mentioned approach our client succeeded in their attempt to enhance the skill-sets of individuals in their procurement team. Training procurement teams is a core component of the procurement transformation process. Our activity-based approach largely helped in learning transfer as generalized on-boarding sessions are not always the best fit for procurement professionals. Since the procurement field is so diverse and constantly changing to accommodate new innovations and technologies, our customized and well-tailored training program perfectly fit the needs of procurement professionals and lead to greater effectiveness.

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