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Change in Leadership in 2018

The business landscape today is complex. The rise of new technological trends has created advanced business models which have led to a rapid reduction in space, time and effort of doing things. Owing to this change, the skills of today will not be relevant in a few years. The two things that will matter are the capacity to learn at fast pace and a consistent quest for learning. Leaders who will progress into this new age business era with the right abilities and appropriate tools will create value for themselves and their organizations and capture a large share in the market.

Abilities of a New-Age Leader

The world has mistaken new-age leaders for people who are digitally obsessed. While it is true that technology leads to infinite scalability, it is not the only thing that makes a good leader. More than the know-how of the greatest and latest tools, true digital leaders focus on creating more efficiency and removing drudgery. Many-a-times, as humans, we commit ourselves to repeat mundane tasks, which limit our productivity. New-age leaders channelize their thinking in making work processes better and easier through simple and elegant technology or better process design.

A strong digital leader has the following qualities:

  • They constantly strive to remove inefficiency and drudgery of human effort
  • They appreciate technology and come up with the best ways to leverage it
  • They understand scale

In this new era, the only leaders that will reach heights are the ones with a ‘serving’ attitude and not a ‘dominating’ one. Leadership in the true sense is not about being authoritative. It is not about dictating terms or ordering people around. Leadership is about serving. By doing so leaders gain insight, improve their listening skills, learn to collaborate better, and develop the ability to truly care for people. When one cares for people, greatness is inevitable.

On the contrary, when one follows the path of authority then one does not develop any skills to lead or grow. Therefore, the new era requires leaders to be more than just digitally obsessed, it needs them to be servile and wide-ranged as well. Leaders today need to learn the tact of operating with the front line and the global business leaders at the same time. And since the market is changing ever-so-often the only way leaders can make the most of any given situation is to be at the forefront of action, and attempt to foresee change.

The culture, work, and challenges that employees face enable them to become new-age leaders. It is new-age organizations that create new-age leaders. It is vital for organizations to build the leadership muscle of exceptional and emerging leaders.

We at Challenging Horizons train organizations to create a culture of innovation and perceive transformation as an ongoing process and not a one-time activity. We enable your young talent to take up responsibility and emerge on the forefront of leadership and empower your existing leaders to be the catalysts of change.