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bohot ho gayi TRAINING… ab DANGAL hogaa.

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One of the most entertaining sequence’s from Dangal was the training routine during the first half.

What we can learn about TRAINING from the movie Dangal?

The true and inspiring story of Mahavir Singh Phogat training his daughters to win Gold for India is the soul of the movie. The movie is both a critical and commercial success.

The story has something for everyone, but let’s look at Dangal from the lens of a trainer. There are many inspiring sequences of girls undergoing rigorous training, but change in behavior always comes with a pinch of salt. As tough as winning in a “Dangal” is, equally tough is getting the desired output from a training session.

The trainer is always the Hanikarak Bapu ?

Nevertheless, there are a few very good lessons in the movie.

First of all, Mahavir Singh Phogat (The character played by Amir Khan), has a dream of winning gold medal for India in the sports of wrestling. He has a dream of making his son achieve what he could not. Mahavir is not against daughters but thinks that wresting is meant for men only. He dreams of winning gold for India. But one fine day, when his two daughters beat boys of their age, he realizes their potential.

Similarly you may not have access to the best people. You may not be able hire the best from Ivy League Institutes, that should not stop employees in your organization from being the best.
A skilled employee is like a gold medalist for your organization. Even if you cannot hire the best, you should make people that work for you the BEST. That happens through proper training & development.

Just like Mahavir made his daughter the best even when compared to men of the state.

In one sequence, Mahavir realizes that to make his daughters stronger he would need to feed them properly. Chicken was beyond his reach not only from moral point of view but economically as well.

Mahavir he is a very stubborn person and sees nothing but the end result. He shows the bright future to the supplier. He convinces the supplier that his daughters are surely going to be great, popular wrestlers in the country, it will be a great business for him.

Likewise the employee in your organization also needs skills to enhance their professional career. Many of these skills are a must have in the industry in which they operate. You can devise a strategy of how, if they learn and implement these skills it will be great your their future.
We know it’s a catch-22 situation for you. Zig Ziglar said it the best, “The only thing worse than training an employee and having them leave, is to not train them, and have them stay.”

In order to take his daughter to the next level Mahavir takes them for Dangal, which is wrestling in the soil. Dangal is a men only event, the organizers straight away decline it on grounds of morality and society. But soon one of the organizers who has good business acumen raises a point. He says if a female is fighting with a man, it would be a unique point that our audience has never seen. This might increase the popularity of our fights and we would earn a lot. His idea works.
The girl from a small dusty village suddenly becomes the Hero. The society which once was pointing fingers was now applauding her achievement. Similarly when it comes to class room training programs. We have created programs which have higher recall , better implementation to real work scenarios and greater impact. By slightly changing the way they are delivered.