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Strategic Thinking Workshop

How many times has your management been faced with a situation that has needed clarity in thought and direction, quick thinking, strategic planning, organization, structure, problem solving, confidence ?

Put all that together and you get Strategic Thinking. That is why thinking right is key.

The right thought alone can help not just solve problems but also avoid problems altogether. That is what strategic thinking is all about. Strategic thinking or strategic management however, is not something that can be developed overnight. It is a process and it has to be turned into a habit and not an afterthought.

The Need for Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking or strategic management, is about how the heads of the various teams take on the bottom line of the company and plan to achieve it. An entire division consisting of many teams depend on them to achieve their goals. To make this possible, there are three factors that every head needs to be capable off and that is exactly what our program of strategic thinking addresses.


Identifying the path or direction that will achieve results.


Understanding the process of strategic planning, organization, structure and execution

Handling Situations

Problem solving and the confidence that is needed for it

By the end of the training, strategic thinking becomes a reflex for the team and not an afterthought!

How can we do this for you?

As we said earlier, strategic thinking or strategic management cannot be an afterthought. It needs to be the first thought that comes to mind. It has to be an habit. To make this a habit, we follow a system of experiential learning that is delivered through.

  • Current case studies
  • Role plays

The participants are put in a situation where their thought process is guided through a map of what it is should be like in real life to make strategic thinking a practice, but in a non-threatening environment. This helps them to apply the same in their daily lives.

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