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Business Etiquette Training Program

Customer is king. And the king expects to be treated a certain way

Why Business Etiquette?

Knowing how to address your customer makes it a lot easier to do business. But the rules in business are more flexible than ever before. That means it’s actually harder to know what’s appropriate at any time. Fortunately the keys to conducting yourself at internal or client meetings, at home or overseas, are still


Business etiquettes training helps you develop the right mix of the above to ensure that you are always in the right tone when representing your business to a client.

How Can we do this for you?

Through a series of activity driven sessions, we help your employees,

  • Understand the importance of manners in business by
  • Act appropriately in meetings, on the phone, over email and at meals
  • Respond to cultural and international differences
  • Manage invitations and gifts correctly

This prepares them for the handling the more human aspects of customer interactions and brings a personal touch to professional conversations and negotiations.

What do you get from this?

Employees who are ready and trained to be the face of your organization.

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