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Finance Management Workshop

Why Finance Management?

In this modern world of competitive business environment, maximization of profits and increasing the Retained Earnings require unrelenting efforts and appropriate decision making techniques on the part of the executives at every stage in their daily life.


Finance for Non-finance Executives program is a specially designed program that provides basic knowledge of Accounting, Finance, Managerial Accounting, and all other related areas for making right decisions by the executives in the areas of marketing, logistics, operations, human resources, IT, and other related fields.

How Can we do this for you?

This program helps the executives to gain knowledge on various facets of Income Statement, Balance sheet, and Cash Flow Statement and analyse these Financial Statements to find out the financial position of the business. The topics on Break-even Analysis, Budgeting, Working Capital Management, Cost Control and Cost Reduction helps them in making improved strategic and operational decisions.

This Program,

  • Sharpens their skills and competencies in making financial decisions
  • Understand the Corporate objectives in a better way, interpret them, and put them into action scientifically at their work places
  • Work out the financial implications of their day-to-day decisions.
  • Make better use of the resources that are allocated to their department
  • Be confident in making decisions
  • Create awareness and make the employees cost conscious at all levels

What do you get from this?

Employees who understand ROI and the importance of its calculation to a business. Along with this, they are also capable of  creating action plans and executing them.

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