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NASSCOM decided to do a survey to understand what the job industry needed from its employees as opposed to what they learn at educational institutions. They found that only 25% of the 4 million engineering pass outs were eligible for employment immediately after because of the challenge that they face with soft skills.

Are your students among the 25% that are employable?

If they aren’t then, a little help with soft skills is what they need. And that is exactly what we do!

Our program for educational institutions covers every aspect a student needs to be well versed in to crack a good job opportunity. We begin with covering the important concept of why soft skills plays such a major role first and then lead them into communication skills, confidence building, time management with a specific focus on group discussions and personal interview. Our coach is available for training and support through the entire transformation that they will undergo!

Make a difference in your students lives! Empower them, so that they can make a difference in the real world!

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Workshop for Educational Institutes