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Developed by Arthur Carmazzi, is a psychometric profiling tool unlike others.

It is different because the focus of CBCI does NOT to try to assess Personality or combine both Nature and Nurture in one psychometric profiling tool.

We feel personality is too complicated to be tested in one “Personality Test”. Profiling in the DC model, identifies 5 elements to what we call “Identity” and Colored Brain is only one of them… but it is the first and most important one because everything else is filtered through it!

Features of Colored Brain™ Psychometric Profiling tool

So why would another person agree with your point of view? How does CBCI empower you to do differently ?

Here are the three things that makes a difference.

Increase Productivity

Provides a platform to Empower individuals to bring out the best in themselves and their colleagues.

Communicate Effectively.

Ability to maintain interpersonal relations within a team & prevent conflict between team members or employees

Customized Colored Brain Profiling

Everyone in your organization knows their own colored brain, can identify the colored brain of others and understand his or her strengths as well as weaknesses in processing information.

Understanding the genetic communication processes of an individual and the brain flexibility they have developed through their environment and experience, will set the foundation for HR managers and Department heads to maximize productivity of individuals, departments, and the overall organization.

Using the CBCI™ will enable individuals themselves to have a greater understanding of what is required to better perform their jobs, and how to enhance the natural talents in themselves and others.

How can CBCI do this for you?

By identifying the fundamental patterns in the way our brain genetically processes the world around us, we overcome misunderstanding, conflict, and wastage of individual and group potential. Awareness of these “Brain Communication” processes gives us the means to maximize our capacity act intelligently, to Turbo Charge our natural gifts and use them to maximize our ability to develop “software” for our brain to achieve greater competence across many disciplines. We are able to understand others at a deeper level and unleash greater potential for relationships at work and at home, for easier learning and teaching, and for greater harmony and cooperation with our environment and our teams. The CBCI™ is the Psychometric Profiling Component of the Colored Brain.

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CBCI™ is the first step towards you doing better communication and building better changes in the immediate future!