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Amarendra Baahubali :- 4 Fresh Leadership Lessons.

Movies aka popular culture gives us a language to easily communicate life transforming messages. Some movies have epic impact on popular culture while breaking box-office records. These epics make us question whether we are really on a right track for accomplishing the goals. Baahubali is one of them. Baahubali has the correct composition to [...]

How is an Aquarium like Organizational Culture?

The ecosystem of an aquarium is what I am referring to. Organizational Culture is an ecosystem. An organizational culture, just like an aquarium, must be consistently kept up on a daily basis. How to Keep Your Organization Healthy & Happy? 1.    Acclimate your fish. Culture is fragile. We must strike a delicate balance so that [...]

Ek hi baar mein poore Ek Sau Chaar

ISRO successfully placing a record 104 satellites, in orbit in a single launch is definitely a “dent in the universe.” ISRO has characteristics of most government-owned organizations. ISRO’s progress was in fits and starts, the budgets limited, talent shortages always a major issue and not to mention international sanctions. All these challenges might sound [...]

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The Concept of Reality and How it Perpetuates the Blame Culture

What seems like reality to you is only your reality! It is not everybody's reality. Reality is nothing but your version of the world that you are living in. And the person standing right next to you, can or most likely will have an entirely different version of the same world. Truth is subjective. Facts [...]

Delegation and The Leadership Style: How Can It Alter An Organization’s Culture

Ideally, the best results are the consequence of a team of individuals working towards a common goal. Everybody knows what they are accountable for and what their role in helping one another is. Everyone gives in their 150%. But ideal circumstances are rare, very rare. But why is that so? […]

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