The True Meaning of Learning Transfer

Is learning transfer merely the transfer of knowledge from the trainer to the participant? Or is there more to it? Think about it, would moving knowledge from one person or medium to another person create business value? In that case, what exactly is learning transfer? Meaning of Learning Transfer Learning transfer is a process that [...]

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A Simple and Effective Way to Enhance Behavioral Skills in Your Company

At all levels, recruitment is a time-consuming and costly process. And let's not forget, the pain of finding the right candidate. For this reason, today companies have made staff retention a high priority. Workplaces today are evolving at a fast pace. With millennials taking over the workforce, changing technology trends and cut-throat competition, the need [...]

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How to Define Business Outcomes for Training?

While it is obvious that the end result of training is to lead to a particular business outcome, seldom to companies spend time ascertaining this need. This is because organizations find it difficult to articulate what they really want. After all, their real need goes beyond training. And training is a just a means of [...]

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How to Manage a Team of Millennials

Millennials have recently started transforming the work culture. When it comes to work they are significantly different from their previous generations, since they're the ones who have grown up in the Internet era, and are both tech-savvy and knowledgeable. However, they are also the generation who are known to be governed by their own whims [...]

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Training Isn’t Enough: Are You Providing Performance Support To Your Employees?

Let’s assume that you’ve done everything to ensure that the training program you conducted was a success. You intelligently designed the program and made sure that your training partner delivered it in a way that hit the nail straight on the head. But is that enough? Or do you need something else to ensure learning [...]

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How To Ensure the Success of Corporate Training Programs?

Ever wondered how some organizations always succeed in their learning and development efforts and manage to create a highly skilled workforce? What is it that these organizations do differently? You might think it’s because they invest substantial amounts into corporate training; however, that isn’t the reason. The real reason for their success is their delivery [...]

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Learning by Doing

Experiential training is the use of training methods to develop behavioral skills. These sensitively planned training programs include activities such as role play, on the job training (OJT), equipment simulations, games, behavior modelling, and case analysis. Unlike theory-based training methods which are one-sided, experiential training involves a two-way interaction. The aim of these programs is [...]

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Why Documenting Results is an Important Step in Corporate Training?

After conducting a learning initiative, every company must have answers to a few questions: 1.       Did the training add value? 2.       Was the value it added worth it? 3.       If it was successful, then how can it be made more effective in the future? 4.       If it didn’t produce the expected results, then what needs [...]

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Why Do Leadership and Development Programs Fail?

Whether it’s during University or through seminars and training, over the years most leadership development programs have failed to produce good leaders. Thousands of books and articles have been written on the critical elements of leadership and the impact it makes on both people and organizations. Therefore, it is agreed upon that leadership is an important subject. [...]

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Eat That Frog

Written by Brian Tracy, Eat That Frog is an anthology of ideas and methods from authoritative personalities in the personal productivity and time management industry. Covering multiple ways of overcoming procrastination, this book offers practical techniques to increase momentum. With no jargons or complex scientific studies, the book is written in simple terms and is [...]

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