Learning by Doing

Experiential training is the use of training methods to develop behavioral skills. These sensitively planned training programs include activities such as role play, on the job training (OJT), equipment simulations, games, behavior modelling, and case [...]

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Why Documenting Results is an Important Step in Corporate Training?

After conducting a learning initiative, every company must have answers to a few questions: 1.       Did the training add value? 2.       Was the value it added worth it? 3.       If it was successful, then how [...]

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Why Conducting a Great Training Program isn’t Sufficient?

Ever conducted a training program for your employees that you thought was well-designed and even well-facilitated but failed to deliver the desired results? In no time you realized that your staff went back to their [...]

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Looking into ROE before ROI Determines the Success of Training

Why is ROE Important? When used correctly, Return on expectations (ROE) depicts the value of training in the terms desired by the stakeholders.  For this reason, ROE is refining the learning and development industry at [...]

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Why Training Initiatives Fail: The Problem No One Wants to Acknowledge

Why do corporate training initiatives fail so often? Well, it’s because organizations indulge in training for the sake of it, rather than as a means to achieve specific business outcomes. Most companies have no strategic [...]

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Beyond Conventional: Special Training Programs

In most cases, training is either technical or behavioural. However, there are also trainings that don’t fall under either of these categories. These are categorised as special training programs and are conducted with an agenda [...]

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