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Training Needs Analysis

Training is a costly procedure not just as far as the money spent on it but also the time and other assets spent on the same. Therefore, the most vital task is deciding if training will contribute towards achieving the organisational objectives, e it directly or indirectly. The answer to this lies in a process [...]

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Development of a Training Program

After the training need analysis has taken place, development of a training program is the next step. The next important aspect of determining whether the training should be conducted by from a consultant outside or an in-house expert. In both cases, when it comes to the development of a training program, the prerequisites remain the [...]

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Designing and Developing Powerful Training Programs

Training programs play an important role in sharpening an employee’s skill sets and capabilities, upgrading his overall knowledge. The right kind of training program helps employees to deal with changes, think creatively, survive in an atmosphere of cut-throat competition, thereby contributing to the organisational success. Keeping in mind, their importance, training programs need to be [...]

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Systematic Transfer of Learning during Training

The primary objective of training is the evolution of existing ways and patterns of work. Mainly aiming at individual development, through a transfer of learning from the trainer to the trainee, training plays a vital role in the development of an organisation.  The question now is whether there’s a way to maximise this learning, keeping [...]

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Preventing Relapse of a Training Program

One of the most substantial objections against the value provided by training is that their impact doesn’t last long enough and that employees often go back to older ways of doing things much sooner. This does hold true for motivation as its effects start to fade away. Training relapses are experienced both in behavioural and [...]

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Cost-Benefit Analysis for Training

Not only is it essential to evaluate the benefits of the training program but also to know the same in terms of numbers. Since training comes at a high cost, organisations are more than interested in calculating the return on investment (ROI). Organisations assess the benefits of the training program in different ways. ROI and [...]

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Kirk Patrick’s Model of Training Evaluation

Every year organisations spend a hefty amount of money on training their employees at different levels and on different competencies, both technical and behavioural. Hence new tools are designed every year to try and cater to different individual learning styles, thereby making training more effective. This way it also becomes easier to track the organisation’s [...]

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The New Era of Training: Microlearning

Although the term microlearning is self-explanatory, it is vastly different from a productive lesson or a short piece of content. Contradictory to the popular belief associated with length, microlearning can come in all shapes and sizes. However, the purpose behind it needs to be focused and consistent. When microlearning is directed towards a specific skill [...]

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Using the Kirkpatrick Model for Evaluating a Training Program

What is the Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluation? After years of providing learning and development programs to employees, L&D professionals realised that it isn’t sufficient. It became evident that a way to measure its effectiveness was needed. By understanding this pressing need, a four-level model for evaluating courses was published by Donald Kirkpatrick in 1959. This [...]

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The Brain Dynamics- Workplace Psychology

We look at workplace behaviour rather too objectively. We expect people to behave “professionally” in a work environment, however, we forget that since each individual’s brain functions differently, they will respond differently to the set guidelines. So in that case, how is it possible to achieve a common objective when the level of diversity in [...]

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