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Learning by Doing

Experiential training is the use of training methods to develop behavioral skills. These sensitively planned training programs include activities such as role play, on the job training (OJT), equipment simulations, games, behavior modelling, and case analysis. Unlike theory-based training methods which are one-sided, experiential training involves a two-way interaction. The aim of these programs is [...]

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Why Documenting Results is an Important Step in Corporate Training?

After conducting a learning initiative, every company must have answers to a few questions: 1.       Did the training add value? 2.       Was the value it added worth it? 3.       If it was successful, then how can it be made more effective in the future? 4.       If it didn’t produce the expected results, then what needs [...]

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Why Conducting a Great Training Program isn’t Sufficient?

Ever conducted a training program for your employees that you thought was well-designed and even well-facilitated but failed to deliver the desired results? In no time you realized that your staff went back to their old behavioral pattern and it left you wondering where you'd gone wrong? Well, the outcome of a learning program is [...]

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Looking into ROE before ROI Determines the Success of Training

Why is ROE Important? When used correctly, Return on expectations (ROE) depicts the value of training in the terms desired by the stakeholders.  For this reason, ROE is refining the learning and development industry at a fast pace. If you're wondering how it works then, ROE is designed and executed in partnership with the people [...]

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Why Training Initiatives Fail: The Problem No One Wants to Acknowledge

Why do corporate training initiatives fail so often? Well, it’s because organizations indulge in training for the sake of it, rather than as a means to achieve specific business outcomes. Most companies have no strategic focus to their training. They don’t train employees in the skills relevant to the business’s stage of progress. They pay [...]

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Beyond Conventional: Special Training Programs

In most cases, training is either technical or behavioural. However, there are also trainings that don’t fall under either of these categories. These are categorised as special training programs and are conducted with an agenda of improving the process of work within the organisation. A diverse work culture can both be a blessing and a [...]

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Creating a Gender-Balanced Workforce

Lately, diversity has been of much importance in human resources. With the world becoming more progressive by the day, creating strategies that initiate and promote diversity in all areas, such as sexuality, race, and age has now become more important than ever. However, even though organisations realize the need of creating a gender-balanced workforce, several [...]

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Technology Meets Training: Alternatives to Classroom Learning

Organisations are invariably trying hard to do as much as possible with the resources they have in hand. This involves trimming budgets and increasing productivity from existing personnel. While undoubtedly training still exists on the corporate agenda, training managers and HR professionals are being asked to find other efficiencies which outdo classroom training. This is [...]

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Training the Trainer

Training the In-House Trainers Trainers need two separate sets of skills and expertise. First, they need to know the subject on which they are conducting the training (subject matter expertise). Secondly, they need to know how to transfer that knowledge to the participants who are attending their session (instructional expertise). Both these skills are equally [...]

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Training and Development – Why it’s Needed and is Important?

Training and development is an important aspect of the human resource development. It plays a crucial role in understanding the ever-increasing levels of competition and customer expectations which have risen owing to technological advancements. It also sheds light on the subsequent need to lower costs. It has become essential globally to prepare employees for new [...]

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