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Awaken Your Inner Child To Be An Unprecedented Leader!

What is the opposite of leadership? That’s easy! It’s the act of following or being driven by certain external or internal forces. So, when I follow my heart, definitely a very strong internal force, am I being a leader or a follower? Well, that’s a dichotomy that is rarely questioned. But it exists nonetheless... They [...]

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Don’t Let Lack Of Time Keep You From Achieving Your Dreams. Learnings From Book – Eat that Frog by Brian Tracy

– Book summary on “Eat that Frog - 21 Great ways to Stop Procrastinating and get more done in less time” by BRIAN TRACY To do it now or not to do it now. So many things already to be done on our plate, which one is the most important? Do we hence tend to [...]

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Valuable Insights from book ‘Strengths Finder 2.0’ by Gallup – Tom Rath

Who is the natural ‘You’? OR Do you know the original ‘You’? OR Finding the natural ‘You’ or Finding the original ‘You’ OR Discovering the natural ‘You’ or Discovering the original ‘You’ Insights from book ‘Strengths Finder 2.0’ by Gallup -  Tom Rath ‘M.S. Dhoni- The untold Story’, this movie depicts a story-turning point scene [...]

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The Art Of Giving Feedback At Workplace !

“You have done a great job this year…but if you would have focused on other result oriented areas it would have led to better performance.” Mr. Roy said this to Mr. Tarak during the performance review discussion. After hearing this, Mr. Tarak started arguing and eventually decided on a silent approach for the remaining discussion. [...]

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Change in Leadership in 2018

The business landscape today is complex.  The rise of new technological trends has created advanced business models which have led to a rapid reduction in space, time and effort of doing things. Owing to this change, the skills of today will not be relevant in a few years. The two things that will matter are [...]

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The Role of Effective Leadership in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has become a big deal these days. Companies are either moving forward towards digitalization or are trying to figure out what to do about it. So what exactly is a digital transformation?  It’s definitely not what most people think it is. Digitalizing business processes is NOT digital transformation. What is Digital Transformation?  Digital [...]

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The True Meaning of Learning Transfer

Is learning transfer merely the transfer of knowledge from the trainer to the participant? Or is there more to it? Think about it, would moving knowledge from one person or medium to another person create business value? In that case, what exactly is learning transfer? Meaning of Learning Transfer Learning transfer is a process that [...]

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A Simple and Effective Way to Enhance Behavioral Skills in Your Company

At all levels, recruitment is a time-consuming and costly process. And let's not forget, the pain of finding the right candidate. For this reason, today companies have made staff retention a high priority. Workplaces today are evolving at a fast pace. With millennials taking over the workforce, changing technology trends and cut-throat competition, the need [...]

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How to Define Business Outcomes for Training?

While it is obvious that the end result of training is to lead to a particular business outcome, seldom to companies spend time ascertaining this need. This is because organizations find it difficult to articulate what they really want. After all, their real need goes beyond training. And training is a just a means of [...]

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How to Manage a Team of Millennials

Millennials have recently started transforming the work culture. When it comes to work they are significantly different from their previous generations, since they're the ones who have grown up in the Internet era, and are both tech-savvy and knowledgeable. However, they are also the generation who are known to be governed by their own whims [...]

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