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Building people who build organizations

We believe that an individual is only limited by his mind. If his thought and perspective can be broadened, then so can his performance. This broadening can only be achieved by opening his mind to the holistic impact it will have on his life!

Challenging Horizons Pvt. Ltd. is built on this core foundation of creating a positive transformation in individuals to empower them with all the skills they need to reach their true potential & to perform to the best of their abilities. Simple, customisable, implementable, trackable & high recall training solutions are our specialty. The result?

These programs have helped around 200+ leading MNC’s across Asia and Middle East build a team of performers instead of employees!

We facilitate a journey to new horizons by unleashing the greatest potential in every life & organization that we touch! We challenge horizons every day!

We make this possible by the application of the DC psychology which is a result of the understanding the emotional drivers and human behaviours. The psychology focuses on improving the interaction that an individual has with his work environment and co-workers. It improves the impact he has on them and also their impact on him, thereby, improving his contribution and productivity at work along with life in general.

What makes us!

Creating a positive transformation in people and organizations to enable them to reach their true potential for the benefit of the society at large.

In simple words, we want to create an environment of happiness where people are happy with who they are at work, at home and everywhere else they go. After all, it takes happy people to make a difference.

Borrowing our science from Directive Communication International, we work on impacting a change in the perceptions and motivation of an individual. We believe that any difference that has to be made in any organization has to start with the individuals; this is a change that begins with a change in the individual’s personality. This change in every individual then flows through the collective group and impacts the environment of the organisation. We call this the “inside out” approach. This kind of change or organizational development is the one that lasts for long and impacts results.

Directive Communication International began from the personal experiences of its founder, Arthur Camarazzi, with the effects that the environment can have on an individual’s performance. Arthur tested his theory to improve the environment and as a result the bottom line of his company which presented a positive outcome. He, then went to further study the science behind his theory. It is the culmination of this experience and research that resulted in the development of Directive Communication (DC) philosophy.partener_1

Staying true to the psychology of the human mind, DCI ensures that it delivers programs that create a lasting impact. That is why we subscribe to this philosophy and are their ONLY India partners.

What we rock at!

Delivering High Recall Sessions 85%
Delivering Implementable Training 90%
Delivering Trackable Solutions 90%

Meet Our Team

Virendra Rathore
Virendra RathoreThe Right Hand
Dr. Yogesh Pawar
Dr. Yogesh PawarThe Visionary

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