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Learning by Doing

Experiential training is the use of training methods to develop behavioral skills. These sensitively planned training programs include activities such as role play, on the job training (OJT), equipment simulations, games, behavior modelling, and case analysis. Unlike theory-based training methods which are one-sided, experiential training involves a two-way interaction. The aim of these programs is [...]

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Why Documenting Results is an Important Step in Corporate Training?

After conducting a learning initiative, every company must have answers to a few questions: 1.       Did the training add value? 2.       Was the value it added worth it? 3.       If it was successful, then how can it be made more effective in the future? 4.       If it didn’t produce the expected results, then what needs [...]

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Why Conducting a Great Training Program isn’t Sufficient?

Ever conducted a training program for your employees that you thought was well-designed and even well-facilitated but failed to deliver the desired results? In no time you realized that your staff went back to their old behavioral pattern and it left you wondering where you'd gone wrong? Well, the outcome of a learning program is [...]

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