; May 2016 – Challenging Horizon

The Concept of Reality and How it Perpetuates the Blame Culture

What seems like reality to you is only your reality! It is not everybody's reality. Reality is nothing but your version of the world that you are living in. And the person standing right next to you, can or most likely will have an entirely different version of the same world. Truth is subjective. Facts [...]

COMMUNICATING RIGHT! The Only Way to Establish the Performance Culture

Want to move your teams from doing good or decent work to delivering the best possible outcome? Then you need to get them to stop talking and start communicating! What’s the difference between the two and what is impact you ask? Keep reading! What is needed for a team to function effectively and cohesively? Great teams don’t just happen. They are a result of a great deal of effort that each individual puts into it on developing many traits. Let’s talk about the top four traits that top that list. […]

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Delegation and The Leadership Style: How Can It Alter An Organization’s Culture

Ideally, the best results are the consequence of a team of individuals working towards a common goal. Everybody knows what they are accountable for and what their role in helping one another is. Everyone gives in their 150%. But ideal circumstances are rare, very rare. But why is that so? […]

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